Training dates check-in procedure for racing sectors at 14th European Championship in Float Fishing 2008 The organiser committee of the EC announce that individual trainings for national teams will be allowed at the racing sectors in the term from 29th March 2008 to 29th May 2008. The term must be booked in advance in written form by the team leader at least 3 weeks before and it should have following specifications:

  • time determination for the training of the team at the racing area and the number of trainings in total during the mentioned term
  • number of persons (competitors) for who it will be necessary to assure licence and fishing approval
  • personal identification information about each of these persons including full name and surname, date of birth, place of birth and permanent address. Please give also the number of passport.
  • to anable issuing of the fishing licence in the Czech Republic it is necessary to physically place applicant´s fishing licence from the home country.

All the data are given on the form that is an enclosure of this piece of information. In advance before the arrival the team leader will let know the organisers about the exact day and the time of arrival at the racing area.


Ivan Görcöš mobile number 00420 776 164 558

The place and the time of handing over the licences and fishing approvals for the area of the Czech Republic will be arranged in the same way. The team leader is responsible for collecting the licences and fishing approvals for the CR, as well the propriate payment. 100,- Czech crowns per licence/a person/a year (5 Euros) 1000,- Czech crowns per fishing approval/a person/a week (40 Euros) APPLICATION for fishing licence according to 18 par 11 letter a) and b) law No 99/2004 Collection of Laws about fishing

The applicants applies for the fishing licence for a foreigner: For the period of 1 year:
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