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14th European Championship in Float Fishing

the river Morava, town of Uherské Hradiště, the Czech Republic

28th - 29th June 2008


Uherské Hradiště is a significant centre of south-east Moravia, and it is situated in the very south-eastern part of the republic, near the borders with the Slovak Republic.It is located in a lowland bounded by the Chřiby Hills on the western part and the peaks of the White Carpatians on the east. The river Morava has a typical lowland character in the place of the championship realization with an undisturbed flow in the bream fishing area in an altered stream, with enough place for the competitors. The width of the stream is within the limits of 50-60m and all the racing sectors for the championship are situated on the left bank of the river Morava, down the stream.

The depth of the bottom of the river on the area is between 3,0 and 4,0m and the flow capacity in the term of the championship reaches from 7,2 to 9,6 m3/s according to the statisctics. The bed is created mainly by gravel or sand, only at the banks of the river you can find some mud. The bank sides are inlaid by quarry rock covered by soil at the place of touch with the water-level.The air part is also broken and it is grassland up to the slope crest, without trees or bushes.

The racing sectors are situated in easy bends of the river and the distance between the competitors in the sector A and the sector E is almost 5km. The racing area begins above the river weir in Staré Město and goes on along the forest park to the railway bridge across the river Morava.The sectors A, B and C will be prepared there. The sector D will be about 500m above the road bridge, up the river stream and the sector E will be ready further in 300m.

The location of all the sectors on the racing area enables using cars and parking of passenger cars as well as trucks of the middle category in all kinds of weather.

All the racing sectors are continuous and undivided.All the racing area as described above has been accredited and it complies with the international rules of F.I.P.S.e.d.

During last seven years many international and national competitions have taken place in the area suggested for the European Championship in Float Fishing 2008.

Because the racing area is situated in the section of the river above the weir in Staré Město and below the weir at the village Spytihněv, it will be possible to control the flow and the water level of the river Morava in the time of the champioship.


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